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Issue date:
31 May 2022
Corporate Author:
Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Response to OIA request
Addiction, COVID-19, Hospitals & specialist care, Maternity, Mental health, Organisational information, Planned care, Workforce

OIA responses included in this document

  • DEXA scans (OIA Y22-15)
  • Emergency admission numbers 2020-2021 (OIA Y22-26)
  • Number of aged residential care beds (OIA Y22-27)
  • CA-125 tests (OIA Y22-40)
  • COVID hospitalisation data (OIA Y22-64)
  • COVID developed myocardities (OIA Y22-86)
  • Code Red vs Code Black (OIA Y22-91)
  • Emergency dental treatment provision (OIA Y22-101)
  • Pregnancy Perinatal data (OIA Y22-24)
  • VTA risk assessment (OIA Y22-29)
  • Waiting list numbers for skin cancers (OIA Y22-44)
  • Heart related issues (OIA Y22-65)
  • Mental Health Services staffing (OIA Y22-68)
  • Carbon neutrality (OIA Y22-127)
  • Media Access (OIA Y22-166)
  • MH ward correspondence (OIA Y22-30)
  • Palliative care service (OIA Y22-120)
  • Caesarean sections with tubal ligations (OIA Y22-170)
  • Traffic light alerts (OIA Y22-2233)
  • ICU beds data (OIA Y22-224)
  • Psychologists FTE (OIA Y22-182)
  • COVID hospitalisations (OIA Y22-183)
  • Feeding tubes (OIA Y22-184)
  • Elective and acute procedures (OIA Y22-222)
  • Suspected offences (OIA Y22-235)
  • MTA Hui notes (OIA Y22-255)
  • Correspondence with KCDC re aerial 1080 west Tararua (OIA Y22-257)
  • Costs related to treating COVID-19 patients (OIA Y22-256)
  • COVID-19 Positive Birthing Support People (OIA Y22-288)
  • Forms re MH patients induction & discharge (OIA Y22-305)
  • COVID admissions and testing (OIA Y22-312)
  • NZSL interpreters (OIA Y22-356)
  • Donations & Bequests to MDHB 2017-2021 (OIA Y22-300)
  • Dietitians FTE (OIA Y22-302)
  • Dietitians Staff Hired Salary Scale Experience (OIA Y22-303)
  • Dietitians merit applications and successful applications (OIA Y22-304)
  • COVID hospitalisations (OIA Y22-313)
  • Full costs of COVID in NZ (OIA Y22-315)
  • Interpreters to access effective healthcare (OIA Y22-364)