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Issue date:
4 May 2021
Corporate Author:
Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Response to OIA request
Children and young people, COVID-19, Hospitals & specialist care, Maternity, Mental health, Sexual and reproductive health, Workforce

OIA responses included in this document

  • Under 18s in seclusion (OIA Y21-377)
  • Intersex children surgery within first year if life (OIA Y21-393)
  • PSMA PET-CT (OIA Y21-422)
  • Eligibility criteria required to access a funded PSMA scan (OIA Y21-426)
  • Locums (OIA Y21-465)
  • Rest Home complaints (OIA Y21-464)
  • HealthCert audit 2020 (OIA Y21-504)
  • Staffing and Supplies (OIA Y21-389)
  • Maternity review (OIA Y21-381)
  • Mental health cases 2015-2020 (OIA Y21-390)
  • Referrals to waiting list for joint replacements (OIA Y21-421)
  • Interhospital flight transfers (OIA Y21-433)
  • COVID-19 vaccination rollout (OIA Y21-432)
  • Dog bite injuries (OIA Y21-452)
  • Waiting lists for orthopaedic assessment appointments (OIA Y21-460)
  • Misoprostol and miscarriages (OIA Y21-462)
  • Transmasculine chest surgery (OIA Y21-463)
  • Pathology Services (OIA Y21-503)
  • HPV-Gardasil vaccine (OIA Y21-509)
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing (OIA Y21-512)
  • HPV vaccination (OIA Y21-566)
  • Clinicians trained in long acting reversible contraception (OIA Y21-568)
  • Gift registers (OIA Y21-571)
  • Maternity review (OIA Y21-572)
  • Referrals rejected due to MoH waiting time targets (OIA Y21-562)
  • ICU costs to non NZ eligible (OIA Y21-600)
  • Challenge to Coroners Findings (OIA Y21-651)
  • SMO Annual leave (OIA Y21-725)
  • Wait list for psychiatric services (OIA Y21-727)
  • Psychometric testing (OIA Y21-656)
  • Effects of aeromedical transfer of patients caused by Wellington Airport runway closures (OIA Y21-729)
  • Abortion counselling (OIA Y21-752)
  • Referrals for joint replacements (OIA Y21-726)
  • Liquor Licensing Information (OIA Y21-730)
  • Missed COVID-19 vaccination appointments (OIA Y21-850)
  • Ward 21 deaths last 3 months (OIA Y21-932)
  • Gender dysphoria (OIA Y21-903)
  • Neurologists (OIA Y21-933)
  • Colonoscopy data (OIA Y21-910)