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Issue date:
21 May 2020
Corporate Author:
Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO)
Document date:
21 May 2020
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Copyright Held by Non-Crown Party

978-1-98-859790-4 (online)


This standard has been produced as part of the COVID-19 epidemic response in New Zealand.

The purpose of the standard is to ensure that all data collected and used in the contact tracing process is well-defined, properly structured and coded, and supports interoperability. The initial focus is about supporting the consumer registration process and recording consistent information about customers and visitors to business locations.

The data set specifications provide a technical definition for the information collected and used in contact tracing.

This standard is intended to assist implementers and their technology partners in interpreting the data requirements for contact tracing. Whilst we will endeavour to maintain consistency with the current government requirements, implementers also should ensure that any solutions developed conform to these requirements, regardless of what is captured in this standard. 

2 June 2020 revison

The standard has been updated in line with the latest Alert Level 2 order to:

  • remove home address from the contact tracing register data set
  • add the data set for recording attendance at social gatherings.

QR Code Specification:

Integration Platform Specification:

The three documents are published as drafts that will be updated to reflect new requirements as they emerge. We welcome your feedback.

Contact us at standards@health.govt.nz