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Issue date:
1 December 2021
Document date:
1 December 2021
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The purpose of this guide is to improve national consistency in the collection and use of mental health and addiction referral data in PRIMHD.

Specific case scenarios have been developed for all the current referral end codes detailed in the PRIMHD Code Set Standard HISO 10023.3:2017.

The guide is not a replacement for the HISO PRIMHD standards but is intended to support a consistent national approach so that the quality of the data reported to PRIMHD improves, thereby improving the utility of the national collection.

The intended audience of this guide includes: NGO and DHB service providers (clinicians, data analysts, administrators, DHB and regional coordinators for PRIMHD); portfolio managers, funders and planners; Ministry of Health, including Mental Health and Addiction directorate and PRIMHD National Collections; national workforce centres; and researchers and other users of PRIMHD data.