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Issue date:
2 November 2008
Corporate Author:
Manatū Hauora - Ministry of Health
Document date:
2 November 2008
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Copyright Held by Non-Crown Party

978-0-478-42898-8 (online)


A National Professional Development Framework for Palliative Care Nursing Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand describes the competencies required for all nurses to provide palliative care across a range of clinical settings.


The Framework has been reviewed from its original publication in 2008 to ensure it is still relevant to the sector.


The first version was developed by the Palliative Care and Cancer Nurses Education Group (PCNEG) as part of the implementation of the Palliative Care Strategy and the Cancer Control Strategy Action Plan in 2008.


A working group was formed by Palliative Care Nurses New Zealand (PCNNZ), to review the Framework and consult with the sector.


Narratives from service and education providers have been added as examples of practical application of the Framework in a variety of contexts.


These narratives highlight the role of the Framework in informing the development of the nursing workforce across the health care sector.


This Framework brings together two key focuses of PCNNZ: to promote and validate the role of nursing in palliative care, and to support the development of the workforce.


A National Professional Development Framework for Palliative Care Nursing consists of two parts.


Part 1 includes:


  • the purpose, aims and objectives of the Framework
  • an overview of the context of nursing in palliative care
  • a model for professional development for nurses in palliative care
  • pathways for the development of nursing competency in palliative care nursing.


Part 2 consists of:


  • core palliative care competencies for all registered nurses
  • specialty palliative care competencies for registered nurses.