What the PCDC does

The Primary and Community Care Digital Coordination (PCDC) Governance Groups provide oversight and guidance on the work this programme is delivering.

This work includes:

  • sharing knowledge and expertise regarding the state of primary health sector information
  • reviewing and/or endorsing final reports and recommendations
  • facilitating linkages with related projects and stakeholders from the wider sector
  • keeping other colleagues and leaders informed
  • supporting engagement and communication activities
  • advising on and assisting with the management of any associated risks and constraints.

Examples of the work we do

  • National Enrolment System upgrades – introducing iwi membership.
  • National Immunisation Solution – introducing real-time immunisation updates (rather than through messaging).
  • Covid in the Community – on-going development of a shared care plan for management of COVID.
  • Security updates – on-going need to ensure that health data is protected from outside threats.

PCDC Management Board

  • Martin Hefford, Interim Workstream Lead Commissioning and Localities, Te Whatu Ora (Interim Chair)
  • Allan Moffitt, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health 
  • Stuart Bloomfield, Interim Chief Data & Digital, Te Whatu Ora
  • Rawiri McKree Jansen, Clinical Lead, Te Aka Whai Ora - invited to be part of group.

PCDC Advisory Group

Note: Thank you for your nomination. There has been a lot of interest in this work and there are other pieces of work that are related to Primary & Community Care Data and Digital Services Coordination (PCDC) and the Primary Health Dataset Programme (PHDP). So, there is an opportunity to build on or expand the advisory group’s role across these workstreams. We are going to need a bit more time to do this and therefore your interest will be incorporated into this process. We will be in touch as soon as we can.

  • Allan Moffitt, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health (co-chair)
  • Rawiri McKree Jansen, Clinical Lead, Te Aka Whai Ora (co-chair) - invited to be part of group
  • TBA, Secondary Care Services
  • TBA, ACC
  • TBA, Primary Care technology suppliers
  • TBA, HNZ/Data and Digital
  • TBA, Royal College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP)
  • TBA, Primary Health Organisation (PHO)
  • TBA, Hauora Māori
  • TBA, Community care provider
  • TBA, Public Health

Internal Working Group (IWG)

  • Stephen Lavery, Programme Co-lead, Programme Manager, Primary Care (chair)
  • Tony Cooke, Business Partner for Primary Care, Data and Digital
  • Jim Brown, Coordination
  • Sarah Upston, Primary Care team
  • Sarndrah Horsfall, Hira engagement
  • Vidhya Makam, Hira
  • Joel Brown, Identity and NES (National Enrolment Service)
  • Maria Poynter, Public Health
  • Andy Gray, Digital Architecture
  • Peter Jordan, Digital Architect (Primary Care)
  • Alistair Kenworthy, Standards
  • Dan Hope, Service design
  • Judy Eves, DHB regional relationship manager
A graph detailing how the PCDC support team works with Governance Groups A graph detailing how the PCDC support team works with Governance Groups A graph detailing how the PCDC support team works with Governance Groups

The PCDC governance structure shows the various groups involved in decision-making and advice, and the relationships between them.


The PCDC governance groups are supported by the PCDC Support Team. They are the initiators for materials flowing through the Governance Group structure and are responsible for:

  • summarising newly registered workstreams including projects and programmes that impact primary and community care as part of a pipeline assessment process
  • capturing primary care and community workstreams and key events so they can be displayed in the Portfolio Plan
  • collating feedback from the sector and aligning to the current iteration of the Roadmap


The process will typically first involve the Internal Working Group who will review and refine information and provide content through the Support Team to the Advisory Group on a monthly basis.


The Advisory Group meet the week after the Internal Working Group. They are made up of a diverse group of SMEs from across the sector who review and provide multi-disciplinary advice.  Key issues and advice on strategy, priorities and approach will be communicated to the PCDC Management Board, noting that the two co-chairs of the Advisory Group also sit on the Management Board. 


The PCDC Management Group who will be linked closely with commissioning through Te Whata Ora will meet quarterly or as required.  It will determine priorities based on Joint Boards guidance and recommendations from the Advisory Group.  It will also review and endorse the overall strategic direction and Roadmap.