A range of pesticides and agricultural compounds are used in Aotearoa New Zealand for a variety of purposes, including protecting native plants and wildlife, avoiding insect bites, minimising health risks from pests, protecting houses and buildings from infestation, and preventing spoilage of crops.


In this section, you can find information about a number of different chemicals and the health management guidelines and research.

Pest control

Chemicals for pest control are in common use, both commercially and in the home. This table shows shows prevention, control and treatment measures to use if you find you have pests in your home - Pest Control.

Vertebrate Toxic Agents (VTAs)

VTAs are pesticides such as 1080, cyanide, and brodifacoum. They are used to eliminate or control populations of pests such as possums, rabbits, stoats, and rats. In order to use certain VTAs and other hazardous substances, operators may need to apply for permission from a public health officer, and they have a legal obligation to comply with any conditions in the permission.