Commencing March 2023, influenza vaccines can be recorded using either the AIR, the Covid-19 Immunisation Register (CIR) or National Immunisation Register (NIR) to give maximum flexibility to providers.  

Providers will need to determine what system approach best fits their service model. 

Download: Flu 2023 system guidance and decision tree - PDF, 397 KB

Please read through the Flu 2023 system guidance and decision tree to identify which approach is best for you. 

Current vaccinations available to record in the AIR

  • MMR (adult only) 
  • Tdap (adult only) 
  • MeNZ B (adult only) 
  • Menz ACWY (adult only) 
  • INFLUENZA – (ALL) From March 2023 

Additional vaccine types and aged groups will be added as work on the AIR programme progresses.

Considerations for using the AIR

  • AIR does not support claiming; you will need to use your current method of making claims. 
  • Immunisations recorded in the AIR & CIR will not be viewable on the NIR, and therefore status queries from PMS systems to NIR will not include vaccinations recorded in the AIR or CIR. 
  • From 1 April 2023, general practices will receive notifications whenever any of their enrolled patients have received a flu vaccination (as captured in the AIR or CIR vaccinator portal), we expect the number of notifications received by general practice to increase because of this.  
  • Providers currently submitting NIR3 forms to record flu vaccinations in the NIR will be asked to use the AIR vaccinator portal instead. 
  • All COVID-19 vaccinations must be recorded in the CIR. 

Using Book My Vaccine (BMV) during the 2023 flu campaign

Book My Vaccine will be used as a booking tool for providers of public health services during the 2023 flu campaign. Consumers will be able to make bookings for both publicly funded COVID-19 and flu.  

  • Providers will need to log into the BMV site to view bookings. Flu bookings will not be viewable in either the CIR or AIR 
  • Bookings that are only for COVID-19 will continue to be viewable in the CIR. Bookings that include requests for both COVID-19 and flu together will not be viewable in CIR.

More information is available on the Book My Vaccine webpage.

How do I sign up to use the AIR?

All organisations and their site(s) must appoint a facility manager, who will be the first person(s) from your organisation to sign up to the AIR.

The facility manager accepts responsibility for the use of the AIR on their site (s), they must ensure they have verified each users’ identity and credentials as part of the employment process before allowing a user to use the AIR at their site(s). 

A facility manager must be in place before other users in your organisation commence signing up.  

When users sign up, they must request access to use AIR at your site, a facility manager will need to be available to approve each users’ request.

More information is available on the sign up to use AIR webpage.

From early February 2023, Maori and Pacific community providers will be prioritised to ensure they are onboarded prior to the 2023 flu season. Throughout the remainder of February 2023, providers that provide influenza vaccination services are invited to commence signing up, these include Occupational Health & Lead Maternity Carers (who vaccinate).  

From November 2022, the Pharmacy sector and Public Health teams providing Mpox consultations have been invited to sign up and continue to do so.  

General Practices who wish to adopt the AIR vaccinator portal should contact

Other providers should reach out to the to understand timelines.