Role Of The Group

The National Screening Unit (NSU) has established the MMEG to provide independent advice to the NSU to achieve its vision, namely:

“Saving lives, reducing inequalities, and building the Nation’s health by leading the delivery of screening programmes, uncompromising in their quality and trusted by the communities we serve”.


The objectives of the Group include:

  • Provide Māori leadership on the strategic issues in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the existing screening programmes and any further screening programmes under consideration
  • Provide Māori leadership on strategic issues related to population health screening and its impact on Māori health and inequalities
  • Develop a collective equity assessment framework improving equity (reducing inequalities) in health for Māori and therefore for all
  • Provide Māori leadership that is clinically and technically sound
  • Review new technological advances that may impact Māori Health.

The MMEG will take a population health perspective and an evidence-based approach in the provision of Māori leadership.  All decisions of the MMEG will be by consensus. 

The MMEG will seek input from stakeholders to any key decisions. Such input will include whānau, hapū, iwi, Māori communities, Māori providers, Māori consumers, and others as required.


The Group comprises up to twelve members who have been appointed for their particular expertise in matters relating to Māori health and screening programmes.