The Ministry of Health has plans in place to manage infectious diseases.


However, it is important to note that the risk posed by Zika virus to New Zealand is extremely low as the mosquitoes that can spread Zika virus are not normally found here.


New Zealand has strong biosecurity and border health systems that prevent the establishment of mosquitoes that might transmit this disease, or others like dengue fever.


A national mosquito surveillance programme has been operating for some years at New Zealand's international points of entry (ports and airports).


The ports and airports are monitored regularly throughout the year to ensure the early detection of any exotic mosquitoes.


Other biosecurity and border health measures include:


  • disinsection of aircraft (using insecticides for insect control)
  • responses to suspected interceptions of exotic mosquitoes at international airports, sea ports and transitional facilities
  • up-to-date advice for travellers to affected areas is available on the SafeTravel website and at our page on Zika virus for the public.