Eligibility criteria


Eligibility criteria for the Rongoā category includes being of Māori descent, studying or working in the health sector, enrolled at a rongoā provider or working under a rongoā practitioner, and having endorsement from a rongoā mentor supporting the applicant's practice and lived experience.

Clinical (Undergraduate)

Ākonga eligible for the Clinical (Undergraduate) category are those of Māori descent, studying or working in the health sector, enrolled at an approved tertiary provider in New Zealand, and enrolled in a related course at NZQCF Level 7 and above. The subcategories of the clinical (undergraduate) are midwifery, AHS&T (Allied Health, Scientific & Technical), medical, and nursing.

Postgraduate (Clinical and Non-Clinical)

Eligibility criteria for the Postgraduate (Clinical and Non-Clinical) category include being of Māori descent, studying or working in the health sector, enrolled at an approved tertiary provider in New Zealand, and enrolled in a related course at NZQCF Level 7 and above in a postgraduate program.


The Te Pitomata Grant Categories for 2024 encompass several key areas within the healthcare sector in New Zealand. These categories are designed to support Māori who are studying or working in various healthcare-related fields.


The inclusion of the Rongoā category acknowledges the importance of traditional Māori healing practices in the health sector. Rongoā Māori, as a holistic and cultural healing practice, plays a significant role in the lives of many whānau (families). By supporting ākonga Māori studying or practicing Rongoā, the program aims to preserve and promote indigenous healing methods, contributing to culturally responsive care and improved health outcomes for Māori.

  • Rongoā Māori is a holistic and cultural healing practice which incorporates deep, personal connections with the natural environment. It is a unique system of healing derived from mātauranga which many Māori regard as central to their identity.
  • Rongoā practices include mirimiri and romiromi, mahi wairua, wai rākau, whakairo, tā moko, moko kauae and rongoā rākau. It can also include understanding of and connection to whakapapa and te ao Māori, kōrero, and protection of te taiao.
  • Rongoā plays a really important role in the lives of whānau. The holistic and indigenous system of healing hauora in Aotearoa is crucial to the current and future wellbeing of many, and our view is that this should be recognised.
  • Ākonga need to be studying through a Wānanga (e.g., Te Wānanga o Awanuiārangi) or other provider or working alongside a rongoā practitioner.

Clinical (Undergraduate)

The Clinical (Undergraduate) category targets ākonga Māori pursuing undergraduate studies in health-related fields. By supporting students at this level of education, the program aims to cultivate a diverse and skilled health workforce from early stages of their career. This category addresses the need for increased Māori representation in clinical roles, ensuring culturally competent care and addressing health disparities within Māori communities.

Postgraduate (Clinical and Non-Clinical)

The Postgraduate (Clinical and Non-Clinical) focuses on supporting ākonga Māori undertaking postgraduate studies in health-related disciplines. The program aims to enhance the expertise and leadership capabilities of Māori professionals within the health sector. This category supports the development of advanced practitioners and researchers, contributing to innovation, evidence-based practice, and the overall improvement of Māori health outcomes.

Grant payments

The Grant consists of: 

  • up to $2500 each Rongoā applicant
  • up to $5,500 per successful Clinical (Undergraduate) and
  • up to $10,000 per successful Postgraduate (Clinical and Non-Clinical) applicant  

The Grant is to support your success in achieving your course of study this year by reducing financial barriers associated with tuition fees, course related costs, travel, accommodation, and other associated costs of living.

Eligibile qualifications

A wide range of medical and health or disability-related courses of varying levels (bachelor, masters, Phd and other postgraduate courses) are eligible for Te Pitomata Grants, including, but not limited to:

Clinical (Undergraduate)

  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Medical (including dentistry)
  • Allied Health, Scientific & Technical, including but not limited to:
    • Social Work
    • Pharmacy
    • Oral Health Therapy
    • Anaesthetic Tech
    • Radiation Therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Counselling
    • Psychology


Postgraduate (Clinical and Non-Clinical)

You will be able to choose from the full list on the applications portal. You will be also able to inform us of ‘other’ for example, working under a rongoā practitioner.

Application process

All applications must be submitted using the online application form via the applications portal.

Apply online for a Te Pitomata grant

You will receive an email acknowledging your application once it has been submitted. 

Once the application period closes, an Assessment Panel will review all submitted applications.

Please allow 3-4 weeks after the closing date for the applications to be processed and reviewed. 

Once the Assessment Panel has finalised its decisions, all applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email.  Ensure you provide a current email address when applying.

If your email address changes, please inform Te Whatu Ora by emailing: tepitomatagrants@TeWhatuOra.govt.nz

How to apply online

Use the online form via the online portal.

Your application will save automatically. If you want to complete your application over multiple sessions, you can log back into the portal and continue at any point. We also advise that you make a copy of your answers and save them in a Microsoft document. 

Make sure you attach an official letter of enrolment or equivalent.   

Ensure your application is complete with all necessary attachments included.

Apply online for a Te Pitomata grant

Successful applicant’s obligations

Successful applicants are expected to adhere to all requirements for Te Pitomata Grant. By applying for a grant, you confirm:

  • All information supplied to support your application is accurate and enclosed all supporting documents;
  • You are currently enrolled in fulltime study for the course you are undertaking;
  • You will notify Health New Zealand |Te Whatu Ora if you withdraw from your chosen course of study; and
  • You understand that you will not be eligible for a future Te Pitomata Grant if you have not passed your course requirements for the current Academic year.