The National Maternity Monitoring Group (NMMG) was established in 2012 as an advisory group to the Director-General of Health, and is funded as part of the Maternity Quality Initiative.


The NMMG provides oversight and review of national maternity standards, analysis and reporting and provides advice to the Ministry of Health (the Ministry) and district health boards (DHBs) on priorities for improvement in maternity services.


The NMMG was created as part of the Maternity Quality Initiative, which is made up of:


  • a national Maternity Quality and Safety Programme, including maternity standards and clinical indicators
  • revised Maternity Referral Guidelines, which set out processes for transfer of care, including in an emergency
  • standardised, electronic maternity information management to improve communication and sharing of health information among health practitioners
  • improved maternity information systems and analysis so that there is better reporting and monitoring of maternity services.




The NMMG consists of clinical sector experts and two consumer representatives.


Members have been brought together to represent different skill sets and expertise, covering areas such as midwifery, obstetrics, clinical research, primary care, obstetric radiology, neonatal paediatrics and the perspective of service users. 


Current members are:


  • Judith McAra-Couper - (Chair)
  • Jeanine Tamati-Eilliffe - (Vice-Chair)
  • Deb Pittam
  • Rachel McEwing
  • Sue Tutty
  • Chris McKinlay
  • Isis Martin-McKay
  • Lesley McCowan
  • John Tait (ex-officio)
  • Kass Jane (ex-officio)


Terms of reference and work programme


You can access the Terms of Reference and Work Programme from the downloads section of this page.


For previous work programmes, please email