Note:  The Manual is currently undergoing review following the settlement of the Health New Zealand and STONZ 2024-2026 Collective Agreement (STONZ CA). Current content may be out of date where clauses have changed in the new CA. The updates to the Manual are expected to be endorsed at the next National Engagement Meeting in June 2024. Please refer to the STONZ Collective Agreement section in the Manual for a summary of the key elements of the 2024-2026 STONZ CA.


The National Manual contains processes, procedures and resources, for deploying and supporting Resident Medical Officers (RMOs). The Manual provides a mechanism for the STONZ MECA to be applied in a consistent and standardised way across the Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora. 

Who can use the Manual

Content has been developed for:

  • RMOs
  • The Specialty Trainees of New Zealand (STONZ)
  • People providing administrative and management support to RMOs

For example: RMO Support Units, Duty Managers, Services, Senior Medical Officers, Payroll, Employment Relations and Human Resources teams. 

Version notes

The DHB-STONZ National Manual has undergone a full review as part of the National Engagement Forum work plan following settlement of the STONZ and 20 DHBs MECA dated 14 December 2021  – 13 December 2023 (STONZ MECA). The updated version was endorsed on 20 April 2022 and is now released.

Update to SET Prerequisites in the Surgery Reimbursement list 20 April 2022.

Updates to the Medicine, Pathology and Psychiatry Reimbursement lists 20 April 2022.

Updates to Appendix 7 Home Based Assessments 18 July 2022.

Updates to Clauses 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27 and Clause 19 additional resources 19 July 2022.

New resources made available under Resources for Psychiatry Registrars and Mental Health Services 19 July 2022.

Updates to the Intensive Care Medicine and Ophthalmology Reimbursement lists 30 September 2022.

Updates to the Clause 10 Form – Reimbursement List Request to add or remove, Clause 10 Form – Reimbursement List College Request to add or remove on 30 November 2022.

Updates to the Anaesthesia and Radiation Oncology Reimbursement lists 21 March 2023.

STONZ and Te Whatu Ora RMO Collective Agreement varied 18 May 2023.

Updates to the Medicine and Surgery Reimbursement lists effective 11 July 2023.

Updates to the Radiation Oncology and Pathology Reimbursement lists effective 27 September 2023.

Updates to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Reimbursement list effective 4 December 2023.

Updates to the Psychiatry and Radiation Oncology Reimbursement list effective 1 April 2024

Most frequently used clauses:

The following provides a summary of frequently used clauses in the STONZ MECA. Refer to the specific clause in the Manual for more detailed information.

Provision Clause number
Additional Duties Clause 15
Annual Leave Clause 25
Conference Leave Clause 8
Cross Cover Clause 22
Employment Related Expenses and Reimbursement Lists Clause 10
Continuing Medical Education (CME) Clause 10.8.2 & 10.8.3
Limits on hours Clause 17
Medical Education Leave Clause 7
On call and call backs Clause 18
Relievers  Clause 16 & Appendix 2
Salaries and Wages Clause 12
Sick Leave Clause 26
Transfer Expenses Clause 33



General enquiries:


Clause 10 & Additional Resources

Clause 12 & Additional Resources

Clause 12: Salary Scales and Wages (PDF, 684KB)
Last updated April 2022


RMO Salary Scale Matrix (XLSX, 57KB)
Last updated December 2022
Important Note: When downloading the Salary Scale Matrix you need to save the file format as a macro-enabled excel spreadsheet (xlsm) to ensure that the macros are enabled.


Run Review Calculation Matrix Guide Non Shift roster (PDF, 181KB)
Last updated March 2020


Run Review Calculation Matrix Guide Shift roster (PDF, 123KB)
Last updated March 2020


Run Review Calculation Matrix (XLSX, 240KB)
Last updated March 2020


Run Review Joint Calc Matrix Guide Non Shift roster (PDF, 357KB)
Last updated March 2020


Run Review Joint Calculation Matrix (XLSX, 949KB)
Last updated July 2023


STONZ Run Category Calculator Tool (XLSX, 73KB)
Last updated April 2022


STONZ Run Review Weekly Timesheet (PDF, 147KB)
Last updated March 2020


Summary of Vocational Training Requirements - Part One Exams or Equivalent (PDF, 153KB)
Last updated March 2020

Clause 13

Clause 14 & Additional Resources

Clause 14: Run Descriptions (PDF, 325KB)
Last updated April 2022


Run Description Template (DOCX, 47KB)
Last updated March 2020 

Clause 19 & Additional Resources

Clause 28 & Appendix 6 & Additional Resources

Clause 47 & Additional Resources