An innovative travelling roadshow of art aims to light up conversations about the impact of tobacco on Aotearoa New Zealand's culture and help promote services and support to help people quit.

Auahitūroa is a public art and education venture from Hapai Te Hauora that launches in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington on 1 May, moving around all corners of the motu through to June 2024.

The exhibition showcases work from Māori artists across a diverse range of mediums, featuring contributions from local community artists and rangatahi. Hapai Te Hauora, Māori Public Health Manager Jasmine Graham says that the objective of the exhibition is to initiate conversations that recognize the space tobacco has occupied in New Zealand's culture.

"We believe in the power of art to convey meaningful messages while being respectful of diverse cultural backgrounds and sensitive to varying age groups," says Jasmine.

"Each piece is selected with careful consideration for its content and presentation, ensuring that it aligns with our commitment to a smoke-free environment and remains both culturally respectful and age-appropriate.

"Our aim is to create an inclusive space where art can inspire, educate, and engage audiences of all ages, contributing to a shared understanding of the importance of a smoke-free lifestyle in a manner that is culturally sensitive and universally accessible."

Lead artists include celebrated Māori practitioners of visual arts, including Shane Hansen, Tai Kerekere, Hori Thompson, Jessy Collins, Regan Balzer and Graham Tipene.

For more details, including exhibition venues and opening hours, please visit the event page at