Under the Code of Expectations for Consumer Engagement by health entities, Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora is required to place consumers, whānau and communities at the heart of design, development, and monitoring of health services.

Health NZ is creating four Regional Consumer Councils to strengthen consumer feedback and enable learnings to be applied consistently across healthcare networks. The four Councils will cover Te Waipounamu, Central, Te Manawa Taki and Northern regions. They will be in place by 1 July 2024.

Expressions of interest in Council membership are sought from 13 May – 3 June and members will be announced by 21 June.

District Consumer Councils will transition into the new Regional Councils over time. Health NZ highly values the local consumer voice and will ensure the local voice continues to be heard through regional Councils, Iwi Māori Partnership Boards, focus and working groups, feedback on initiatives and projects, and in many other ways. Local engagement is at the heart of the health system and will continue.

Draft Terms of Reference for each Regional Consumer Council will be finalised at the second meeting of each Council before ratification by Health New Zealand.

Role of Councils

The Councils will

  • Enable appropriate engagement with Health NZ
  • Identify and advise on issues requiring consumer, community and whānau engagement - including input into development of health service priorities and strategic direction, elimination of inequities, and enhancement of safety and quality of services to patients and whānau
  • Review and advise on reports, developments and initiatives relating to health service delivery, and availability of health-related information
  • Ensure regular communication with communities and relevant consumer groups
  • Link with special interest groups, as required, for special issues and problem-solving.

The focus initially is expected to be on hospital services.


Membership of Regional Councils is expected to be diverse and include Māori, Pacific peoples, people from Rainbow communities, and disabled people.

Although appointed members may have specific areas of interest, a member will be appointed to partner with Health NZ across the whole health system and will not be regarded as a representative of any organisation, group or community.

Regional Council members need to be

  • Passionate about people accessing the best possible healthcare
  • Consider issues from a ‘big picture’ perspective
  • Have a good understanding of population health inequities
  • Have a good understanding of the health system
  • Have strong community networks and communications skills.

The term of a Regional Consumer Council member is two years, and can be extended. Members will be paid $60 an hour for meeting attendances, expected to be monthly.  Further remuneration or reimbursement will be considered for chairpersons, travel and preparation time for meetings. 

To read the drafted Terms of Reference for Consumer Councils please read here.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in being considered for membership of a Regional Council, please

  • download the Expression of Interest form for the Region in which you live
  • complete it and email it to cwv@tewhautora.govt nz on or before 3 June.

We will let you know whether or not you have been short-listed for interview.

If you are not sure of your region, please click here to view the regional map.

Expression of Interest forms