Member agencies

The National Infection Prevention and Control Leadership Group works to give guidance to the health sector about infection prevention and control (IPC). It also works with other agencies to lead development of a national IPC strategy.

Members of National IPC Leadership Group represent these groups and organisations:

  • Te Aka Whai Ora
  • ACC – Infection Advisory Group
  • COVID-19 Infection, Prevention and Control – Sub-Technical Advisory Group
  • Health Quality and Safety Commission – Strategic Infection Prevention & Control Advisory Group
  • Infection Prevention and Control Nurses College
  • Ministry of Health – IPC team
  • New Zealand Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Pharmacist Expert Group
  • NZ Branch of the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases
  • Aged care sector
  • Primary health care
  • Public health medicine

National Infection Prevention and Control Strategy

The group wrote the draft National IPC Strategy and draft IPC Action Plan. After getting feedback, the group is working to implement step-by-step changes.

The purpose of the strategy is for leaders and planners to make decisions which help our health system to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HIAs). That will help reduce the spread of antibiotic resistance in Aotearoa New Zealand.

A key purpose of the strategy is to use effective IPC measures to reduce HAIs for Māori and other groups who have poorer health outcomes. Through the five key priority areas, specific focus on equity for Māori will aim to reduce the impact that HAIs and antibiotic resistance have on Māori consumers, whānau and staff.