The Board of Te Whatu Ora will:

  • make our scheduled Board meeting times publicly available.
  • release a significant agenda items list determined by the Chief Executive and Board Chair.
  • release key decisions and comments agreed by the Chief Executive and Board Chair following any Board meeting.
  • answer media questions by making time for the Chief Executive and/or Board Chair to be available following each Board meeting.

2022 Board meeting discussions and decisions

Te Whatu Ora Board meeting - 26 August 2022

The board of Te Whatu Ora met on Friday 26 August, 2022.

The meeting had a strong focus on internal governance and activities.

Other themes included visibility of performance across the system, both financially and operationally. Nothing in that national view caused the board any additional concern, noting that cost control and making efficiencies from the recent system changes will continue to be a focus.

There was considerable discussion around Te Pae Tata, the interim National Health Plan, as it is prepared for publication.

Discussion around the ongoing COVID-19 response had a focus on how best to utilise the workforce and telehealth resource developed over the last two years, to continue on into the new environment and across wider health functions.

The meeting was very supportive of the recent release of the Code of Expectations by the Health Quality Safety Commission. This led to an extended discussion on how best to maintain those standards and the consumer input to them.

Joint Te Whatu Ora / Te Aka Whai Ora Board meeting - 18 August 2022

As scheduled quarterly, the Boards of Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand and Te Aka Whai Ora - Maori Health Authority met online on Thursday August 18, 2022.

The joint Board agenda included the following items:

  1. The process by which Te Aka Whai Ora will exercise its monitoring function in regard to Te Whatu Ora;
  2. A Kawenata between the two organisations covering the operation of their partnership;
  3. A discussion on how the two organisations will conduct their co-commissioning roles in health services;
  4. A discussion on workforce development
  5. A paper on Mental Health Services.

Board meetings are not open for the public to attend. However, immediately after the meeting Board chairs released a summary of outcomes. You can read these here: Summary of joint Board meeting outcomes 18 Aug 2022.

An update of key decisions made at this meeting will be published during the week of 22 August 2022.

Te Whatu Ora Board Meeting - 29 July 2022

The Te Whatu Ora Board met on Friday July 29, 2022.

Key Matters addressed:

  1. Workforce. Reviewed the range of pressing issues in the direct and commissioned work force. Noted and approved some initiatives to address these issues which will be implemented and announced. The Board is very aware of the impact on staff and patients and their whānau of these issues and appreciates the efforts of those working to maintain services. These issues are significantly long term structural issues which require co-ordination with education and professional bodies and other government agencies to resolve. But short term measures are also necessary and will be implemented where possible. There will continue to be staffing pressure in the meantime.
  2. Health Quality and Safety. Considered some recent adverse clinical events and agreed a national control and review structure for these events. Noted that the Board held ultimate responsibility for these and for any systemic failures which are found. Emphasised accountability at all levels.
  3. Finance. Noted transfer process of finance data and processes and reporting proceeding. Difficulty of getting timely and accurate information from multiple systems. Sound progress being made.
  4. Independent Advice. Noted that where appropriate external members with specialist expertise are being appointed to key committees.
  5. Appointments. Noted progress being made on senior appointments. Mixture of sector experience and external experience required. Emphasis on leadership, change and innovation.
  6. Cost control. Noted ongoing cost pressures and limited discretionary budget. Emphasis to management on reduction and control of overhead costs in favour of front line initiatives.

Te Whatu Ora Board Meeting - 15 July 2022

The Te Whatu Ora Board met online on Friday July 15, 2022.

The Board made the following decisions:

  • Approved organisational policies on Conflict of Interest, Code of Conduct, and Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Endorsed increased communication of Board meeting decisions, including publishing meeting dates and key agenda items and decisions
  • Approved terms of reference for seven committees to be established by the Board:
    1. Finance and Audit
    2. Capital and Infrastructure
    3. Data, Digital and Innovation
    4. Clinical Quality Assurance
    5. Health, Safety and Wellbeing
    6. People, Culture, Development and Remuneration
    7. Community and Primary Care

The Board heard presentations from the Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Health and discussed how the entities will work together to drive all-of-system health responses.

Te Whatu Ora Board meeting – 23 September

The Te Whatu Ora Board will meet in person in Auckland, this Friday 23 September, 2022.

The agenda will include the following:

  • Updates from the Chair and CE
  • Task forces – update on planned care taskforce
  • Monthly reporting
  • Capital projects - update
  • System transformation
  • Consideration of minutes of 26 August meeting

Following the meeting, the Board Chair and CE will update the media via link. A media advisory will be sent on Thursday.

Schedule of Board meetings for 2022

Friday 29 July

Friday 26 August

Friday 23 September

Friday 28 October

Friday 25 November

The Board is meeting on 5 September 2022 to review progress on Te Pae Tata | interim New Zealand Health Plan; minutes from this meeting will be ratified at the next scheduled Board meeting.

From time to time, out-of-cycle Board meetings may be called to consider specific matters should they arise.